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Lemus HOME Artistic

Lemus HOME Artistic

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Lemus HOME Artistic is a compact sound piece furniture in Danish design, with a complete hi-fi music system built-in. Soundbar with HDMI, Streaming, WiFi and Bluetooth.


Take your TV and sound experiences to a whole new level with Lemus HOME Artistic, a beautifully designed sound piece of furniture that replaces both your soundbar and the traditional media piece of furniture..

Designed, developed and produced in Denmark in the finest materials, you will experience an eminent sound quality and a piece of furniture craftsmanship in an absolutely unique class.

Dive into the music works of high-resolution sound quality and let yourself be seduced by a true hi-fi sound system without large speakers, amplifiers and unsightly cable clutter throughout the home.

Lemus HOME Artistic is created in collaboration with the world's leading sound engineers, who until now have been known to develop only for the absolute high-end class of speakers.

Lemus HOME Artistic is not a normal sound system, it is a highly competent, active DSP-based speaker system that, with its enormous computing power, can push the boundaries of what is normally possible in true Hi-fi sound for the home..

This means that not only do you get a sound piece of furniture that looks great, but that the competent speaker system will give you a sound experience you will soon forget you will never go back to a traditional soundbar once Lemus HOME Artistic has taken over your living room..

A fantastic sound experience comes with fantastic dynamics and precisely dynamics is the key word for Lemus HOME Artistic. Never before has it been possible to utilize 4 x 5 bass units with extra travel, to be able to perform all the way down to 20hz, which gives you an extremely deep, precise and dry bass completely without the use of an external subwoofer. You will not believe your own ears once the action movie rumbles out of there or the big drum lets go.


Streaming and Multiroom

Genuine Hi-fi has never been easier. Plug the Lemus HOME Artistic into an outlet and start streaming your favorite music in the best wireless quality with Google Cast, Apple Airplay 2, Spotify Connect or Bluetooth.

Play the same music in multiple rooms with Multiroom, and connect Lemus HOME Artistic with your current Sonos setup via Sonos Port, or other speakers with Google Cast or Apple AirPlay 2.

You can even plug in your turntable, CD player or old gramophone and enjoy your record collection in true High-resolution sound quality.

What is a movie without a great sound experience with lots of bass and dynamics?

Lemus HOME Artistic comes with built-in HDMI with Audio Return Channel (ARC). Then you just need to pull a single HDMI cable between the Lemus HOME Artistic and your TV to get top quality digital audio, with volume control from your existing TV remote control. It all runs completely by itself without any cumbersome setup, including auto-on / off. It does not get any easier to get TV sound in brilliant hi-fi quality.

 Advanced room correction via IOS app

Powerful quad core DSP that straightens the frequency response

Frequency range: 20-25.000 Hz +/ - 3dBHigh Definition 24bit / 192Khz -

High-Res Audio

Google Cast, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify connect

HDMI (ARC) & Bluetooth

Choose between 3 different types of veneer and black fabric

Designed, developed and produced in Denmark

Compact HiFi audio system with the ability to hide cables

Measurements: 1300x175x260mm

Weight: 25,1 kg

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