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Regarded as one of the world’s flattest fireplaces, the Vauni Edge looks like it’s built into the wall. The typical Scandinavian design adds a timeless, sleek look to your home, while not taking up any space on the floor. With Edge you get a modern and simple fireplace that complements your home, regardless of the interior style. Order your Edge in classic black or white, or for an extra sophisticated look: stainless steel.


Thanks to the low temperature behind the heat source and easy installation, Edge can be mounted on all types of rigid wall. Its slim design makes the fireplace look as if it has been built into the wall. Just like Vauni’s other models, Edge is flueless and equipped with the market’s most advanced bioethanol burner – which burns without smoke, soot or ash. It produces a pleasant heat and the size of the flame is infinitely adjustable.


  • Super-thin – one of the world’s thinnest fireplaces.
  • So thin that it appears to be built in, although this is unnecessary!
  • Stylish and timeless Scandinavian design.
  • As easy to install as a flatscreen TV.
  • Burner with absorbing and anti-spill functions for unprecedented safety and performance.
  • Available in three different designs: brushed stainless steel, black or white.
  • No flue, no fuss.
  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • An efficient and ecofriendly fire that produces a pleasant heat.

Dimensions: 950×550×160 mm (w×h×d)
Weight: 34 kg
Effect: 2 kW 
Fuel tank volume: 1,8 litres 
Burning time: min 4 h 
Fuelconsumption: ca 0,4 litres per h 
Min room volume: 32 m3 
Min floor area: 13 m2

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