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As spherical as the name suggests, the design and size of the popular Vauni Globe makes it fit into all conceivable interior styles. Designed for maximum comfort and safety, the Globe consists of several smart features and guarantees a fireplace that will make you yearn for pleasant fire evenings during winter as well as summer. Combine colour, stand and insert to customize the Globe to your personal taste.


Globe is a freestanding, flueless bioethanol fireplace that requires no installation. This means it can easily be turned to point the opening in the direction you want heat to be emitted. Globe is equipped with the market’s most advanced bioethanol burner – which burns without smoke, soot or ash. It produces a pleasant heat and the size of the flame is infinitely adjustable. The insert around the burner is available in a variety of finishes: Cast Iron, which is a black cast iron finish, or, for a more exclusive look, molded concrete from MBJ Design in two colours: Mystic Graphite or Mystic Sand. Place Globe anywhere you want, enjoy the warmth it produces, and create an inviting space for social gatherings. Globe can also be used outdoors, but should be stored indoors.


  • The world's only spherical flueless fireplace.
  • All Globe fireplaces are crafted by hand using traditional methods. Each one is unique.
  • No flue or installation is required. The flame is adjusted using the accompanying regulator rod.
  • Available in the standard colours of black and white. For a more exclusive look, there are five signature colours to choose from.
  • A high foot is available as an accessory.
  • The foot is supplied with floor protectors underneath, which makes it easy to turn the fireplace as needed without scratching the floor.
  • Burner with absorbing and anti-spill functions for unprecedented safety and performance.
  • Insert with black cast iron finish or the option of molded concrete from MBJ Design for a more exclusive look.
  • No flue, no fuss.
  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • An efficient and ecofriendly fire that produces a pleasant heat.

Dimensions (low): 600×610×580 mm (w×h×d)
Dimensions (high): 600×900×580 mm (w×h×d)
Weight: from 40 kg
Effect: 2 kW 
Fuel tank volume: 2 litres
Burning time: min 5 h 
Fuel consumption: ca 0,4 liter per h 
Min room volume: 32 m3 
Min floor area: 13 m2

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